The Wild Bunch

gregg’s gardens is a reality because of the commitment made to an idea by a group of volunteers, the active support of local government and lots of help from non-profit organizations; collectively they are The Wild Bunch.

Aubree Petronelli and Aaron Chine were close friends to Gregg Snyder and the first to join the effort. They were soon followed by fellow volunteers Jodi Macina, Pat Fuller, Bonnie Bailey-Ulam, Josh Nativio, Stephanie Gabbard, Melanie Rose, Carle Chergin, Jodie Knofsky, Jean Hood, Joyce Ormsby, Reni Helm, Mike Blank, P.J. Salvato and June James.

Jim Fogarty of 2 Ticks & the Dog Productions volunteered his time to make a video starring Mayor Franklin endorsing the project and created something really special for us.

Matt Martin of the Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership will tell you he was just doing his job while providing one solution after another as problems arose, but he went way above and beyond the call of duty.

TNP also introduced Chris Gilger from the Warren Family Mission to the project, and WFM will play a critical role in maintaining the gardens.

Mike Keys from the City of Warren gave us early encouragement for the idea, and his boss, Mayor Doug Franklin got behind us all the way and made the above-mentioned video to let everyone in Warren and on YouTube know how he felt.

Trumbull County Treasurer Sam Lamancusa and his deputy Michael Robinson provided encouragement, ideas and vacant lots from the Trumbull County Land Bank at no charge. Without their support I doubt we could have made this work at all.

Finally, none of this would have happened without the inspiration gained from the life and spirit of Gregg Snyder (1979-2011) for whom gregg’s gardens is named. Losing him inspired others, which we hope will add meaning to the too-short life he shared with us.


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