Walking the Garden District

A few of us have been canvassing the Garden District the past few weekends, knocking on doors and engaging in conversations with people about our plan. It had been a very positive experience. Not a single person any of us has spoken to has objected to the idea of swapping wildflower gardens for vacant lots. On the contrary, we’ve received lots of support and appreciation for making the effort to revitalize the neighborhood.

This does not mean there are no issues to be resolved. For example, I heard from a couple of people who are concerned with the height of the rye grass but once they understood that it was temporary they were fine with it by the end of the conversation.

Also, two people I spoke with love the idea of the gardens but do not want them in the vacant lot next door to them. Both say they fear a garden would attract “undesirable people;” I don’t really understand the logic behind this thinking, but I was unable to change minds either, so we await a solution to this problem. However, if it is just two lots it will be no problem to just skip them — the neighborhood has plenty of vacant lots to from which to choose.

They ain’t weeds

ryeThe tall grasses growing in the gardens are not weeds. It is rye grass which is there to protect the wildflower seedlings. It will die in July and will not grow again. Today’s Warren Expressed blog has a more detailed explanation that I hope you will read. We need as many people as possible to understand and explain it to others.

Ride of Silence

587603_1The Tribune had a front page article today on yesterday’s “Ride of Silence” promoting bicycle safety. Not only are gregg’s gardens named for a young man, Gregg Snyder, who was killed while riding a bicycle, but one of our first gardens was donated by the family of Garrett Wonders, whose parents organized the event yesterday.

If you don’t know anything about Garrett, take a moment to read about him in the “Gardens” section of this web site. He was a truly remarkable young man who was also the tragic victim of a bicycling accident.

Both of these young men — one an Eagle Scout the other a Navel officer — lived their most passionate times in the outdoors, and we hope to make outdoor Warren a place about which people can be passionate.

a gregg’s garden of your own

NSGM01__92555_zoomWe are happy to announce that our seed providers, Ohio Prairie Nursery of Hiram, Ohio is now selling the special blend of wildflower and native grass seeds we use here in Warren to the general public. You can read the details of what plants are in the mix and the benefits of creating your own urban meadow by visiting the OPN web site.

We still need help

We still need volunteers for Saturday May 11th. We need people to help canvass the proposed Garden District neighborhood for an hour or so early Saturday afternoon. We will canvass in pairs and pass out a brochure to as many houses as we can.

We could also use help selling tee-shirts in Dave Grohl Alley at the Rockin’ Burger Fest ’13 from 3:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Of the two, the canvassing is the more important. I can sit and b.s. while selling the occasional tee-shirt for a good many hours, however I would like to have a beer or two and may need occasional “relief.”

If you can help out please send an email to Stephanie, at stephanie@warrenexpressed.org telling her what you can do and when; please also leave your cell number.

Thank you Dominion

dominionThe Dominion Foundation, a part of the corporation that owns Dominion East Ohio Gas announced last week that they are making a $2500 grant to gregg’s gardens and the project to create a Garden District in Warren.

The Dominion Foundation contributes more than $20 million annually to non-profit organizations and schools in the states where they have significant business operation, like Ohio.

This grant brings us nearly half way to our goal of raising $50,000 in 2013. We are very grateful to Dominion for their support.


I see green!

april23Atlantic Street is a tough street to cruise down slowly just admiring the sights, but I had a chance yesterday, on a perfect, warm spring day to get out of the car and appreciate what is happening in the gardens. There is a lot of green coming up in nice neat rows (right) to reflect the care with which they were planted.

Come by and see for yourself but you have to get out on foot to really appreciate them.

We also have our first shipment of gregg’s gardens’ 2013 tee shirt (below), perfectly produced in awesome purple by our friends at Artistics on Market Street Courthouse Square. We will have them for sale on May 11th at the Dave Grolh Alley Rockin’ Artfest 2013 — and yes, we still need volunteers.