Warren G. Harding Class of 1967

We did it!

A huge thank you to all WGH Class of 1967 contributors to gregg’s gardens. With your generosity we have raised enough for three garden lots. This speaks volumes to our lasting friendships and commitment to the city where we grew up and many of you still live. Our gardens are a gift to the City of Warren and represent a big step to its revitalization.

If you would still like to make a tax deductible donation, please do so (go to “Be A Sponsor” tab above. Put GG-WGH Class 1967 on your check). We are now working toward a bench or art to make our gardens even more distinguishable.

Of course there are many of you who have risen to distinction in your own right and we are inspired by your numerous accomplishments and contributions. Here is the classmate the Panther donors most wanted to honor for the Gregg’s Gardens Project.

WGH 1967 Hall of Distinction Nominee: Cheryl Ciulei for her continual contact with our class and consistent updates of the events in our lives. Without her dedication to the reunions and keeping us connected, it would have been difficult to garner the support of so many for Gregg’s Gardens. Thank you Cheryl for reaching out and helping our class stay as close as always.

PANTHERS ($100+)

Rodger Bartlett: Giving back to the community is what the Class of 67 is doing! As a lifelong resident, I challenge all my classmates to give back to the community we grew up and live in.

Carle Churgin: I dedicate this to my dear friends, Dee Keadle and Bill Schumacher, who left us too soon. And much gratitude to Dennis Blank for his vision and steadfast efforts in providing this opportunity.

Jim Olzewski: Warren was a great place to be born and raised. I applaud these improvement projects. I commend the individuals who are driving these and wish them great success.

Melanie Ruggeri Rose: I think this is a great project and I dedicate my donation in memory of my mom and dad, George and Olga Ruggeri.

Craig Simons: Thanks for your work on Warren Expressed. Maybe next you will use your energy and talent to change Harding back to the Panthers and the colors of red and white.

Doug Smith: I would like to dedicate my donation to Mary Pringle who left us too soon. It seems like a lifetime ago that she died and in many ways she will always be 18.

Stephanie Poulos Gabbard: Remembering those we have loved, friends and family, who traveled these streets and left their footprints. “The Amen of nature is always a flower.”

Bob Stassinis:  In loving memory of our parents, Florence and Michael Stassinis and Mary and John DiCenso.

Leon Reed: In memory of Emerson School, John Reed, David Toda, and Bill Schumacher, from an Emerson School Class of 1961 classmate.

Linda (Mackey) Stude: Kudos to Warren Expressed. I like the idea of finding solutions to problems rather than just giving up.

Babs Krause Weiss: In Honor of my parents Dr Howard and Stella Krause for the deep roots and appreciation of Warren and its community that they passed on to our family.

Judy Schultz: In honor of the memory of Beverly Miller (French teacher) & Robert Fleming (Band Director).

Barb (Crutchley) Kubiak: “We are stardust. We are golden, And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” Joni Mitchell

Nancy Nickel, Chris Caputo Hendrix, Keith Johnson, John Reebel, Nancy Sprockett, Rus Abruzzi, Mickey Coons, Christina Gardener, Gary Herdman, Janet Baker Adam, Jim and Cindy Kubinski, and in loving memory of Tommy Natale.

BOOSTERS ($50 +):  Frank Barile,  Anne Davis (Mary Anne Fabrizio),  Pam Hilton Hatfield,  Joanne Pytlik Monardo,  Mark Rector,  Jim Ulam, Jerry Groves, Debbie Exler Katz, Valerie Hoehn Taylor, Pam Barnes Ferguson, Michele LaBuda, Cheryl Ciulei

PEP CLUB:  Tessie Bourdamis, Mary Varley Petro, Beverly Fittapoldo, Tom Daily, Jim Reed, Betty Molnar, Kathy Connelly Sweet

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