Poulos Family

In Loving Memory of Andrew & Mary Poulos and Frank A. Poulos

After arriving in Warren at a young age, our grandparents, Andrew and Mary, met, married and spent their entire adult lives residing and working in Warren, rearing 2 sons on Woodbine Avenue.  In the late 1930’s, ‘40’s & ‘50’s our grandfather operated the popular Main Street Barbershop (called “Andy’s” by most), located on the east side of Main between Market and South Streets.  With Mike, the shoemaker, on one side & the Craft Shop on the other, there was never a dull moment, especially on Saturdays!  Extremely social and always political, nearly everyone knew Andy Poulos, usually sporting his beautiful fedora and often smoking a cigar (to the chagrin of our Grandma).

Our grandmother, Mary, nee Roman, born on the Hudson River, moved to Warren as a teenager with her family.  After marrying she was the epitome of a meticulous homemaker, but, in 1958 after the passing of our grandfather, she took a job in the Candy & Gift Wrapping Department at the Carlisle’s store in Warren on North Park Avenue.  She later transferred with Carlisle’s to their new store in Niles where she became the manager of Fine Gifts & China until her retirement.  During those years she journeyed all over the U.S. on buying trips for the store and was well known by the many Carlisle’s customers who relied on her expertise.  Now, as adults, we realize that our gentle, loving and soft spoken Grandma was truly a multitalented woman with unwavering determination.

Born in 1927 and growing up in Warren, our father, Frank, delivered the Tribune as a boy, worked at Zuga’s Market and ushered at the Robins (movie) Theatre downtown.  A graduate of WGH high school, he left to serve in the U.S. Coast Guard circa WWII, after which he returned to marry his sweetheart, Margie, our mother.  Dad joined our grandfather as a barber on Main Street in the late 1940’s & ‘50’s.  He barbered only part time after becoming a firefighter with the Warren Fire Department.  It was from there that he retired as a Captain in 1982.  He was the proverbial ‘Jack of All Trades’ as he also sold real estate during those years.  He and our mother loved to listen and dance to the big band music of their era, expertly gliding across the dance floor on many occasions.  Like the wildflowers defying the clay soil and taking root to form Gregg’s Gardens, Dad blossomed in spite of the hardships resulting from the Great Depression and pursued the American Dream right here in Warren, Ohio.

Years later, with grateful hearts for our loving family and their positive influence on us, for our community and as graduates of Warren City Schools, we wish to pay it forward by supporting this effort to beautify the city where our dad and we were born and nurtured.  In that spirit we dedicate our sponsored garden to the eternal memory of our beloved grandparents, Andy & Mary, and our beloved dad, Frank.

“The Amen of Nature is always a flower.”  (O.W. Holmes)

Sponsors:  Dr. Andrew G. (Drew) Poulos, M.D. & Stephanie Poulos Gabbard

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