Community Garden

19 people, most of whom don’t know one-another, came together to contribute more that $1000 towards a garden we will call simply, “The Community Garden.”

There was heavy support from people who never lived a day of their lives in either Warren or Trumbull County; they are indicated with an asterisk* and their hometown below.

Mayor’s Circle ($100+): William “Birdman” Brent*, (Arlington, VA), Karen StampWilton “Traveler” Connor* (Charlotte, NC), Babette Krause Weiss, Cesar “The Peruvian Poet” Biscarr* (Long Island, NY), Judy Schultz

Harriet Upton Taylor Circle ($50+): Su

Packard Circle ($25+): Ann “Sherlock” Yench* (Brooklyn, NY), James Reed, Leon Reed, Erin Van Wey

Contributors: Joshua Nativio, Ellen Finan, Colleen Byers, Marianne Hoover, Gary Davenport, Anne Keery, Ryan England, Lindsay Molnar

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