Gregg Snyder

When we were boys, Gregg and I would take to the streets of Warren on our bicycles, skidding and soaring up and around the neighborhood sidewalks and streets.  And while he was smaller than me, my brother would always manage to keep up and, sometimes, would lap me when we got near our family house.  Our mother’s peony bushes were the landmark; when we saw the vibrant colors down the block, we knew we were almost home.  And when we moved from the house on Wildwood Drive last summer, Gregg made sure those peonies came with us.

Gregg was an Eagle Scout and believed with unshakeable passion and faith in the power and importance of our natural environment, in respecting and cherishing the earth that surrounds us, as well as the creatures who share it.  He loved to go camping.  His Native American studies and practices taught him that our world is a breathing, vital life force that inspires and connects the human race.  The Mahoning Valley’s rich heritage of settlers and tribes, of history and value, was a fitting place for him to make his life.

Gregg loved nature and he loved Warren.  He believed in the importance of community strength and character, in sustaining local businesses and services, and in the progressive ideals that define Jane Jacob’s essential book The Life and Death of Great American Cities:  “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when they are created by everybody.”

Thank you for celebrating the memory of my brother Gregg Snyder with your support for this vital project to the future of Warren, Ohio.

Mark Snyder
Brooklyn, NY
February 2012

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