Making Warren More Beautiful One Lot at a Time

Imagine a day when Warren looks very different than it does now. Replace today’s view of hundreds of weed-choked vacant lots – unloved and uncared for — with an image of hundreds of mini-parks filled with wildflowers and native plants that thrive in the Northeastern Ohio climate, require no mowing, little maintenance and yet reward us with an explosion of color each spring and summer.

The first group of gregg’s gardens will be planted this spring on the western end of Atlantic Street, replacing vacant lots that today invite litter, weeds and a dark mood. The gardens will be professionally prepared and planted using a sophisticated mixture of wildflower and native plant seeds supplied by an agronomist with in-depth knowledge of our growing season and soil conditions. The entire process will be overseen by an Ohio State University Certified Ohio Master Gardener.

Atlantic Street is an ideal location because in addition to being an important east-west route for residents, a surprising 67% of all visitors to Warren travel some portion of Atlantic Street. The western terminus is the Summit Street Bridge, a gateway between the west and east sides of Warren; one of our city’s most important places, Warren G. Harding High School, anchors Atlantic’s midpoint.

So the wildflower gardens on Atlantic Street will not only brighten the lives of Warren residents they will put Warren’s best face forward to visitors as well.

There will be flowers and native grasses in gregg’s gardens the first summer and they will mature within three years. Where weeded lots now mimic missing teeth in an otherwise friendly smile, Warren will soon have garden oases bringing life and color to a transitional neighborhood. In addition to the beauty they will provide, our wildflower gardens will also attract more butterflies and birds.


Your tax deductible contribution will bring a wildflower garden to life, as well as a page on www.greggs gardens.org which we will custom design for you and dedicate as you see fit. You can dedicate your garden and page to a loved one, a group, a church, or use it to commemorate a special achievement. Your high school graduating class may want to make a garden its gift to the city.

If you own a business, a wildflower garden would be a powerful demonstration of your commitment to Warren.

Whatever the circumstance, your page on the gregg’s gardens web site will reflect what is important to you. Your page may include photographs of your loved one or your group; you may also list the people who contributed to making your garden possible. (Go to the “Garden” menu tab and look at the sample pages there.)

You may even wish to customize your garden by adding optional elements such as a pathway, a table, a bench to sit on, or maybe even a piece of outdoor art. We have ideas we can offer you and will also be happy to listen to yours.


An unusual and innovative public/private partnership is responsible for gregg’s gardens. Warren Expressed and its citizen volunteers manage the project, publish the web site and market the program.

The Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership provides strategic site planning, oversees maintenance of the gardens and holds title to the improved lots.

The vacant lots are being provided by the City of Warren and the Trumbull County Land Bank at no cost. Without the cooperation of both the City and County governments this program would not be possible.



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