This gig for you?

015_4The project to create the Garden District could use your help; or perhaps you know someone who would be perfect for the job. The tasks we need help with are described below. One person could do both, but they could also easily be split between two people. It could be fun for dos amigos to work together.

We are going to offer really nice redwood planters, plus soil and flowers, for free, to 50 residents of the Garden District. (For more detail read this recent post.) We will be mailing this offer to every household in the neighborhood – about 300 homes – sometime in April. Anyone who wishes to accept the offer will have the option of signing up via email, but many of the residents will prefer to sign up by telephone. We need someone to accept those calls and emails and to keep an organized list of the names and contact information.

You will need to be a computer and internet user and be willing to accept probably around 50 telephone calls, which will all come inside a 10 day window. Frankly, we think the number of calls will be fewer than 50 based on previous neighborhood projects.

Part 2 of the job (or the separate job) is chief flower buyer. This job requires putting together a list of flowers we want to buy for the boxes (you’ll have help with this) and then calling between three and five local nurseries to get quote for delivering them to a central location in the Garden District sometime in May, when we will have a distribution party.

So that’s it. Can you help? If you are like the rest of us you will find that being a part of the Garden District project is both fun and satisfying. If interested, drop us a note at