A look behind the curtain

whats-nextIf you are interested in knowing more about the plans to create a Garden District in Warren, please visit Warren Expressed and read the posts from yesterday and today. Trying to keep two blogs current is becoming increasingly difficult for reasons of time, and because it’s hard to know what goes where. You may have noticed we don’t post here as often as we used to. This is because the efforts which began to create gregg’s gardens wherever we could has expanded to a variety of efforts to create the Garden District. We will never abandon this site but we will post mostly about things specific to the gregg’s gardens organization here, while the Warren Expressed site will cover things more broadly. And when in doubt we tend to post there first because the audience is quite a bit bigger.

2013 progress report

2015-08-28 06.43.152013 was a very successful year for gregg’s gardens. Our strategic partnership with Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership was expanded to include the Trumbull 100, a locally-focused group of philanthropists and community leaders. The Trumbull 100 joined the effort to revitalize Warren’s central city neighborhoods, and to help create the Garden District.

We raised more than $40,000 last year, including $10,000 in the Tom’s of Maine “50 States for Good” challenge, in which we mobilized our many supporters and captured the #1 position in the entire U.S. on Tom’s Facebook voting site.

We created more than 30 new wildflower gardens, built seven stone wall-planters made from material reclaimed from the foundations of demolished houses, put in a nice stone bench at the Atlantic and Elm garden, commissioned a beautiful outdoor mural (above) on an abandoned building on Vine Street near Porter, created an “info-porch” (below) at the corner of Belmont and Mercer and gave it the most gorgeous paint job in all of Warren.

Wait until you see what we do in 2014!

195 Belmont