New feature update

1We now have a pleasant sitting area inside the Alumni Garden at Elm & Atlantic, which includes a nice stone bench, three new stone planters and the beginnings of a birdhouse condo-community. The stone planters have been filled with better soil and will be planted soon with tall grasses and wildflowers, which will give the garden added elevation and visual interest.

We thank all our donors for their continued support, and in particular the anonymous donor who made the bench possible. Finally, a big shout out to Frank Ortzen-Abbott who built these planters entirely alone and by hand, plus installed the bench and built the condo frame, which will be painted shortly.

Please stop by and visit this lovely and tranquil oasis in the heart of Warren.

New features at Alumni Garden

2015-10-08 03.26.09This week Frank began building the raised stone beds inside the Atlantic and Elm Alumni Garden. These will be filled with good quality soil and planted with wildflower plugs. The added elevations and stones will create more visual interest. Our bench has come in and will be installed near the stone beds, providing a place for quiet contemplation — all except for the 6000 cars per day that pass by, of course.