Wild Bunch at work

Here’s my man Lyle getting into his F-150 after digging a few post holes the other day. We’ve dug 21 holes so far with 2 to go. We dig a hole and then drop in a 4×4 post and pack it in nice and tight with gravel and dirt. Lyle pre-cuts them with a 45 degree angel on top to which we attach a 14×14 laminated board.

This would be hard work if you did it all day but Lyle and I generally do 4-6 at a time and then hit Sunrise, the BV or the Holiday Bar for lunch. Then it’s home for a nap.

The remaining step is the tricky part. Each sign is different, carrying the name of the sponsor for each garden. We could not afford hand-made custom signs so Mike Makes-Signs (I once asked him his last name and he told me Makes-Signs — you can find him in Champion) recommended a plastic decal application which has to be peeled off a paper back and then attached very carefully to a very clean and dry surface, smoothing and stretching it every inch of the way. I think I’ve applied maybe two that look great. Unfortunately most of the rest have a few wrinkles and bubbles — but the flaws are hard to see from 2 feet away.

I guess we’ve applied about half the decals but I can’t promise when we will get to the rest as they cannot be applied unless it is at least 50 degrees out and not raining, and it’s hard to say how many more (if any) days we’ll have like that before spring. Sometimes I get lucky and Lyle is busy and Stephanie (left) helps with the decals. She’s both more attractive and eats less; and while she doesn’t own a truck or a post-hole digger she speaks French!

*  *  *  *  *

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