Random updates

Progress continues at the Elm and Atlantic garden. Despite the hot dry weather the plugs are growing thanks to our man Dave Riddell from Davey who stops down every evening and waters them on his own time.

We also now have a nice thick pathway made of wood chips donated by the city and put in place by the TNP work crew.

I was over there looking around this morning and one of the neighbors stopped to chat. She told me she couldn’t wait until we install the park bench so she can take her coffee out there on a Saturday morning and enjoy the garden.

Another example of someone going the extra mile for us is a guy named Kurtis Magnello who has a tree trimming business. Kurtis volunteered to clean up some trees that were badly in need of work at our garden site on the Northwest corner of Atlantic and Park. I tried to get more information on his business so I could give him a plug but he didn’t want the publicity — just another good guy who wants to see the city looking better who rolled up his sleeves and got busy.

I don’t think I ever got around to thanking Bill and Nick at the Mocha House for asking me to put a gregg’s garden sign in the front of their restaurant. Note that they did not respond “yes” to a request; it was their idea. They also hosted our recent update and provided refreshments. These are very community-minded guys.

The “weed-killing” phase of garden prep continues but we expect to have a planting date for the other gardens very soon.

Behind the scenes we are at work on gg Phase II plan. We’re putting the final touches on the plan now and will have something to announce soon.

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