WGH ’69 — they did it!

The Warren G. Harding Class of 1969 is now officially a gregg’s garden sponsor thanks to the efforts of Jean Neidhardt Hood, Joyce Ormsby Meyer, Lynn Brewster and P.J. Salvato.

These guys really worked hard and showed a lot of determination to move from “Wannabee” to an official sponsor. This is known as Panther Pride!

Watch their “Gardens” page for an updated dedication soon.

More thanks

I knew I’d forget people.

Thank you Dillard’s Department Store for a lovely gift basket, Harrington House & Gardens for an overflowing box of beautiful hand-made chocolate truffles and Dan Sferra for 2 sets of 4 tickets for and Country at the Amp concerts.

These items were all donated and auctioned Friday night; there was more stuff too that I’m forgetting to acknowledge. I really have to learn to take notes.



More bold face names

We really have to thank some more people. I’ve felt guilty since writing the first post for having left some many people out who deserved a special tip-of-the-hat. I kept the first list short because I feared I’d forget somebody; but I decided it would be better to do that by accident than leave an even bigger group out on purpose. So here we go:

Thank you to all our sponsors but especially to those who came to the ‘shoe Friday night: Diane Sauer (Sauer Chevrolet & Trumbull 100), Dan Sferra (a partner in Country at the Amp and a Warren City Councilman-at-Large), Marty Cohen (Trumbull 100), Greg Bartholomew (All American Cards & Comics and Warren City Councilman), Tom Daily (WGH ’67) and friends and family of Garrett Wonders, Don Campbell and of course, Gregg Snyder.

One of the best things about gregg’s gardens is the way the public and private sectors have come together over the idea, so “thank you” also to Warren Mayor Doug Franklin who came by and made a generous donation. We were also visited by Councilwoman-at-Large Helen Rucker, and Councilpersons Cheryl Saffold and John Brown, and Citizens Advisory Committee member Lou Lepro and wife Kathy.

Special thanks also to Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership director Matt Martin, and gg volunteers Jodi Macina, Aubree Petronelli and Josh Nativio. These folks do the heavy lifting on this project and spent the evening with us. Outgoing MVOC young-blood Nate Brown also joined us on his last night in Warren before returning to Columbus and grad school.

I sure hope I didn’t miss anyone in these broad categories and I must say again that everyone who attended was just as important to the success of the evening as the bold face names above. We love you all!

Great night at the ‘shoe

Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday’s benefit at the Horseshoe for Gregg Snyder’s garden. For those of you who don’t know, Gregg was killed last Fall while riding his bicycle and became the inspiration for gregg’s gardens. Last night his friends and family raised over $1200 in cash plus verbal commitments for another $1000. This money, combined with funds raised previously, will allow us to create something really special in Gregg’s memory. Watch this space for big things to come.

Many of Gregg’s family attended last night, including his parents, and enjoyed a lovely evening on the Horseshoe patio listening to The Dennis Drummond Group. They drew a big crowd and cemented their position as my favorite local band.

A Gregg’s many friends who organized the event deserve our respect. You can tell a lot about a person by how his friends treat him and they clearly loved the guy. Brothers Dennis and Dan Drummond and their band-mates deserve special thanks for donating their pay for the gig. Kristen McLennon and her mom ran the raffle, silent auction, tee shirt sales and everything else to perfection. Aaron Chine was the lead organizer and Gregg’s bosom pal. And talk about sacrifice — I spent 10 hours in a bar without having a single drink! That was a first.

Finally, thank all of you for your interest in and support of gregg’s gardens. Because of all of you we will have at least 25 wildflower and native plant gardens in Warren where nasty, weedy lots now stand. And we aren’t stopping there. Someday there will be 500 gardens!

More good news!

On the eve of our big celebration at the Horseshoe this evening we got word of another sponsor — the Warren alumni of Hiram College.

We are proud and thrilled to have them. This brings the total number of sponsored gardens up to 24, a great acheivement if we do say so ourselves. For more information visit their page in the “Garden” section of our web site or visit the Hiram College web site.

AND COME TO THE ‘SHOE TONIGHT!! (see details in the post below.)

There’s a party goin’ on Friday

We’re celebrating the success of gregg’s gardens this Friday May 25th and everyone is invited. Please join us at the Horseshoe Bar, 206 East Market Street starting at 6:00 p.m.

The Dennis Drummond Group will perform from 9:00 until 1:00. There is no cover charge. We will have a 50-50 drawing to raise money for Gregg Snyder’s garden. You can also buy a really nice gregg’s gardens tee-shirt (below) for a very reasonable price. All the cool kids are wearing them now. Don’t be left out.

Plus you can get a good look at a new Chevy Voltthe official car of gregg’s gardens. There will be one parked on Pine next to the ‘shoe.


The work has begun

Davey Resources was out yesterday spraying weeds on the lots that will be home to gregg’s gardens in the near future. Davey will keep and eye on the lots and if all goes well they will return in about two weeks and seed the gardens.

This morning we put up temporary green and white signs branding the lots. Look for the gregg’s gardens logo up and down Atlantic Street. These will be replaced with permanent signage that identifies the sponsor for each specific lot. We hope to have the permanent signs up early this summer.

And don’t forget our party, which is also a fund-raiser for Gregg Snyder’s garden, at the Horseshoe next Friday night May 25th starting at 6:00 p.m. The party goes until 1:00 a.m. with the Dennis Drummond Group playing at 9:00.