There’s a party goin’ on! (soon)

Please help us celebrate the great success of gregg’s gardens so far.* We will be gathering on Friday evening May 25th at the Horseshoe Bar on East Market Street. Dennis Drummond will provide the live music. Those are all the details we have at the moment but hold the date and you’ll hear more from us soon. It will be a fun way to kick-off the long Memorial Day weekend.

* By so far we mean: we have 22 garden sponsorships and expect to start preparing the lots for planting as early as next week. We’ve also canvassed the neighborhood and found that the neighbors are very enthusiastic about the gardens. There’s still a lot left to do but a pretty good start, don’t you think?

The best of Warren: Garrett Wonders

It’s been fun and interesting writing the thank you posts and dedication pages for the gregg’s garden web site; the people and organizations that have supported us are the best our community has to offer. They care about their city, they are generous and they are accomplished.

Today’s post is to announce the newest garden sponsorship but the dedication is, sadly, a posthumous one. Terri Wonders-Abney on behalf of the Garrett Wonders Memorial Fund is dedicating a garden to her late husband Garrett Wonders. Garrett was a Warren native, a veteran, a scholar, a scientist and an athlete. It is both sad and ironic that he was killed while riding his bike as was the inspiration for this project, Gregg Snyder.

I urge everyone to read Garrett’s full story, which you can find under the “Garden” menu above. I guarantee you it will make you proud to be from this town.

They like us!

A group of gregg’s gardens volunteers spent part of this afternoon walking down Atlantic Street knocking on doors to let the people who live near where the gardens will be planted know that the creation of the gardens will begin very soon. We left a flier in the mailbox anywhere we found no one home.

I’m delighted to report that the news was greeted with great enthusiasm. Not a single neighbor raised an objection, in fact nearly everyone expressed delight with the idea. Several people offered to help in some way — either by contributing their labor or money.

We have 18 firm commitments as of today and we still have a god shot at getting sponsors for all 20 lots on the Atlantic corridor. Stay tuned as we expect to have specific information about the prepping and seeding process very soon.

Thank You All American Cards and Comics

All American Cards and Comics is the newest sponsor of a gregg’s gardens.

All American Cards and Comics has been on Courthouse Square for 19 years and this summer will celebrate their tenth year in their current location at 161 West Market Street.

Greg Bartholomew, owner of the shop, made a commitment to Warren last year by becoming the fourth ward councilperson. He has further solidified that commitment with the sponsoring of a gregg’s garden on behalf of his store.

Visit their facebook page and become a fan.

Community Garden

We set up a page where anyone could donate whatever amount they could afford via credit card in hopes of aggregating enough money for a garden. We are happy to report that it worked and that online contributions exceeded $1000!

This is garden number 16.

Why We Are Here: Matt Martin

Yet another in a series spotlighting members of the community who have gotten involved with the Gregg’s Gardens initiative:
“I am involved, on behalf of Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership, because re-purposing derelict vacant land in a beautiful and sustainable way is in line with our overall mission to create and support programming and projects that empower residents and improve the quality of life in Warren’s residential neighborhoods.
Houses come down, we plant grass, and then hope that someone will mow it- eternally. That is not a plan.
This project seeks to re-use land in a way that is manageable and beautiful, and the memoriam piece is very touching.”

Can you spare some change?

Sponsorship support for gregg’s gardens has exceeded our expectations. The Warren Harding Class of 1967 leads the pack with total donations of over $3000 — more than enough for three gardens. We have firm commitments for 17 garden sponsorships and there are still several businesses and organizations seriously considering coming in.

The only lagging area is the Kickstarter credit card donation page. The idea here is that people who just want to donate $10, $20 or $50 can do that quickly an easily online via credit card.

We need $935 for this garden — the extra $85 covers bank and service fees — and we have a hard deadline of April 10th (only seven days remaining!) or we lose the money already donated as Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing proposition. If you can spare an additional few dollars, please consider kicking-in so we don’t lose what we’ve got.

You get there from the “Be a sponsor” page, then scroll down and click on “Click here to contribute.”