Why We Are Here: Stephanie Gabbard

First in a series spotlighting members of the community who have gotten involved with the Gregg’s Gardens initiative:

“I grew up in Warren. My Dad did too. My father was a Warren firefighter. He also barbered part time, originally on Main Avenue with my grandfather, and later on Pine. I have the fondest memories of downtown from the time I could walk!  And, wow, how fantastic it was when we were teens, with TWO movie theaters, the soda counter at Kresge’s and buses running all around town….It really was a happening place.

When I heard about Gregg’s Gardens I knew I wanted to not only be a donor of money, but also somehow help with getting it off the ground.

I love the idea of turning these abandoned lots into places of natural beauty. I believe that nature has the ability to lift the spirit; that it is God at the most basic level. We connect with this because we are pieces of nature, too. I also believe that the feeling we get when we witness a beautiful piece of nature is contagious. In that respect, I am hoping that each garden of Gregg’s will inspire the next and the next and the next…It will go viral!

Of course it is also such a wonderful way to honor the memory of those we have loved.  How fitting is it that the wildflowers will rotate their blooms only to return again year after year, a constant reminder of our loved ones and of the beautiful memories we have of growing up in this town?”

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