Be a Wannabee

We’ve added a new page to the GG site called “The Wannabees” which you’ll find on the menu above. These pages can be used by anyone as a rallying place for a group of people to come together and fund a gregg’s garden.

We know not everyone can just write a check for $849 and sponsor a garden, but we’ve heard from many people who say they’d like to help the effort somehow. So, here’s a way. Read the first example of the kind of collaboration we’re talking about. The Warren area alumni of Hiram College are raising money for a garden. You can see their approach by looking at their page which is accessible from “The Wannabees” drop-down menu.

If you’d like to do something like this with your family, a group of friends, a social club, the guys you play softball with, the ladies you lunch with – whatever – it’s very easy. Here is what you do:

Send an email to us at with the words you want on the page. Tell your friends to make checks payable to the Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership (so they will get the tax deduction) and tell them who to send the checks to (you or member of your group).

Attach a jpeg graphic file to your email and we will include that on the page. We’ll update your page for you as requested. When you reach your goal of $849, send the checks to TNP and you’ll have your garden this spring.

It’s as easy as that.

Send any questions to the above email address or leave them as comments to this post.

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