This gig for you?

015_4The project to create the Garden District could use your help; or perhaps you know someone who would be perfect for the job. The tasks we need help with are described below. One person could do both, but they could also easily be split between two people. It could be fun for dos amigos to work together.

We are going to offer really nice redwood planters, plus soil and flowers, for free, to 50 residents of the Garden District. (For more detail read this recent post.) We will be mailing this offer to every household in the neighborhood – about 300 homes – sometime in April. Anyone who wishes to accept the offer will have the option of signing up via email, but many of the residents will prefer to sign up by telephone. We need someone to accept those calls and emails and to keep an organized list of the names and contact information.

You will need to be a computer and internet user and be willing to accept probably around 50 telephone calls, which will all come inside a 10 day window. Frankly, we think the number of calls will be fewer than 50 based on previous neighborhood projects.

Part 2 of the job (or the separate job) is chief flower buyer. This job requires putting together a list of flowers we want to buy for the boxes (you’ll have help with this) and then calling between three and five local nurseries to get quote for delivering them to a central location in the Garden District sometime in May, when we will have a distribution party.

So that’s it. Can you help? If you are like the rest of us you will find that being a part of the Garden District project is both fun and satisfying. If interested, drop us a note at

A look behind the curtain

whats-nextIf you are interested in knowing more about the plans to create a Garden District in Warren, please visit Warren Expressed and read the posts from yesterday and today. Trying to keep two blogs current is becoming increasingly difficult for reasons of time, and because it’s hard to know what goes where. You may have noticed we don’t post here as often as we used to. This is because the efforts which began to create gregg’s gardens wherever we could has expanded to a variety of efforts to create the Garden District. We will never abandon this site but we will post mostly about things specific to the gregg’s gardens organization here, while the Warren Expressed site will cover things more broadly. And when in doubt we tend to post there first because the audience is quite a bit bigger.

2013 progress report

2015-08-28 06.43.152013 was a very successful year for gregg’s gardens. Our strategic partnership with Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership was expanded to include the Trumbull 100, a locally-focused group of philanthropists and community leaders. The Trumbull 100 joined the effort to revitalize Warren’s central city neighborhoods, and to help create the Garden District.

We raised more than $40,000 last year, including $10,000 in the Tom’s of Maine “50 States for Good” challenge, in which we mobilized our many supporters and captured the #1 position in the entire U.S. on Tom’s Facebook voting site.

We created more than 30 new wildflower gardens, built seven stone wall-planters made from material reclaimed from the foundations of demolished houses, put in a nice stone bench at the Atlantic and Elm garden, commissioned a beautiful outdoor mural (above) on an abandoned building on Vine Street near Porter, created an “info-porch” (below) at the corner of Belmont and Mercer and gave it the most gorgeous paint job in all of Warren.

Wait until you see what we do in 2014!

195 Belmont

New feature update

1We now have a pleasant sitting area inside the Alumni Garden at Elm & Atlantic, which includes a nice stone bench, three new stone planters and the beginnings of a birdhouse condo-community. The stone planters have been filled with better soil and will be planted soon with tall grasses and wildflowers, which will give the garden added elevation and visual interest.

We thank all our donors for their continued support, and in particular the anonymous donor who made the bench possible. Finally, a big shout out to Frank Ortzen-Abbott who built these planters entirely alone and by hand, plus installed the bench and built the condo frame, which will be painted shortly.

Please stop by and visit this lovely and tranquil oasis in the heart of Warren.

New features at Alumni Garden

2015-10-08 03.26.09This week Frank began building the raised stone beds inside the Atlantic and Elm Alumni Garden. These will be filled with good quality soil and planted with wildflower plugs. The added elevations and stones will create more visual interest. Our bench has come in and will be installed near the stone beds, providing a place for quiet contemplation — all except for the 6000 cars per day that pass by, of course.


Can you pull a couple weeds?

Please join friends from gregg’s gardens for a work session this Saturday September 21, 2013 from 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m., or for as long as you can stay. We will meet at the showcase garden on the corner of Elm Road and Atlantic Street.

Experts from Ohio Prairie Nursery will be on hand to provide professional guidance on how to properly weed and maintain the wild flower gardens. So we’ll learn a few things too. Tools and supplies will be provided.

We just need YOU!





For more infromantion contact: Dennis Blank at (914) 346-0102

Behold the flowers

2015-09-05 01.40.09If you haven’t already, please stop by the garden at Elm and Atlantic across from Harding. Park in the high school lot and walk over to really appreciate the garden. These are a few snapshots I took today. This garden was planted with plugs – baby plants. All the others were seeded and are a year behind, so this is how they will look next year.

The soil in that lot was very poor and you will notice a couple of large bare spots where we will soon be building stone raised beds that will be filled with better soil and planted with more seeds so that eventually we will have several elevations of flowers there which should look very nice. Next week our bench will be installed.2015-09-05 01.39.38

Come enjoy the garden while the lovely weather envelops us.2015-09-05 01.39.29